Leonardo’s Vegan Pesto 8oz


Ingredients: Local basil* (non-GMO), vegan mozzarella cheese*, (filtered water, cashews*, coconut oil*, tapioca*, agar*, cultured sugar*, sea salt, sunflower lecithin*, cultures ), vegan Parmigiano-Reggiano ( potato and rice starch*, sea salt, rice protein, vegan Parmesan flavor [ vegetable-based], olive extract, beta carotene, vitamin b12), cold pressed California olive oil*, raw pine nuts, Celtic salt, lemon*, garlic*
*indicates organic



When the scent of basil hits my nostrils, my home in Italy comes to mind. The ideal climate of Liguria, a beautiful region facing the sea, produces the most aromatic basil in the world, and this classic pesto recipe was born there. My happiest childhood memories are of my mother picking handfuls of basil to shred white listening to the music of my grandfather, the renowned operatic tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano. Now when I cook while listening to that same music, all those beautiful emotions return. With my pesto, I want every one of you to taste a moment of Italian happiness.


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